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Millesime - vintage range

Specially forumlated with local splendours found within the Lot Valley, Southern France. Here, the ingredients are harvested, extracted and manufactured.

Anti-ageing magic: serum + moisturizer.

Stemming with rich plant heritage (Quercy Black Truffle, Saffron Flower, Melbec extract) and Omega 3 & 6 + Hyaluronic Acid -- this floral fragrance permeates an irresistable sense of luxury.

Panacée Cream + eye contour cream

edelweiss flower power

Highly active ingredients work in synergy to fight all signs of ageing.

Gift the Panacée Cream (Rich or Normal) + Panacée Eye Contour Cream for the ultimate skin solution to fight wrinkles at any stage.

Plus... La Créme is pink.

pick a range (categorized by skin concerns) and then...

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Start the skin care routine: cleansing, opening pores and invigorating top-layer skin cells.

Choose a toner

To prime the skin, choose a toner to gift based on the receipient's needs.

choose a moisturizer

Browse our skin ranges - categorized by skin concerns - and present the perfect moisturizer for their skin.

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