Dull Complexion (Reviderm)

Dull Complexion (Reviderm)

The Reviderm range has been reformulated to focus on the impact of pollution on skin. The new range called Anti-Pollution Reviderm works on oxygenating and protecting the skin against the effect of urban pollution through the powers of chlorophyll, seaweed and pink pepper.

A genuine breath of fresh air for urban skin - certified organic skincare for city living that just 'PHYT'S' in contemporary life.

The effects of pollution can compromise the skin barrier function and increase dehydration of the epidermis. PHYT'S has extracted the best active ingredients from Mother Nature to revive and protect your skin from urban pollution. Plant extracts and oils have been carefully selected to meet the problems caused by pollutants for a radiant, fresh and healthy looking complexion.

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