Anti-Ageing (Aromalliance)

Anti-Ageing (Aromalliance)

Aromalliance - the best organic skincare for mature skin. PHYT'S natural anti-ageing products have been formulated to help delay the signs of early skin-ageing and improve the appearance of your skin; continually researched and developed within the Lot Valley, Southern France.

To reduce the visible signs of skin ageing, PHYT'S harnesses the powerful nutrients, antioxidants and healing properties from nature, designed to target the needs of mature skin. Natural anti-ageing skincare products are the foundation for restoring the skin’s natural balance to maintain a smooth radiant texture. 

As we age, loss of moisture and loss of elasticity are two things that affect our skin. The skin is also more susceptible to pigmentation disorders, such as uneven pigmentation and age spots. Dryness is another ageing sign because the skin gets thinner. Redness can also appear as the blood vessels beneath the skin begin to dilate with age.

Anti-ageing products are formulated to help the skin retain moisture, firmness, and elasticity. Other products such as foundation and makeup in general can assist with lessening the visibility of pigmentation disorders and trauma.

PHYT'S wrinkle creams are moisturisers with natural active ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts that offer key benefits to the skin. These certified organic ingredients are intended to improve skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-ageing creams are applied to the whole face & neck, while anti-ageing serums are concentrates that target specific skin needs and only need a few drops to work. 

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