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Eye Contour Treatment


PhytSublim Eyes Treatment

Phyt's expertise comes to the rescue of your eyes to treat puffiness and dark circles. PhytSublim Eyes treatment works by combining products and draining and decongesting massage movement – it's also very relaxing! The treatment focusses on the eye contour area with decongesting serum, toning balm, anti-fatigue peel-off mask and hydrating cream. The result is an eye contour area looking relaxed, decongested and refreshed.


Phyto-Actif Regard Complex

Best for : Eye contour area, all skin types
Aim : Reduces dark circles and puffiness. Decongests and hydrates eye contour area
Duration : 40 min
Recommended frequency : 6 sessions with 1 treatment per week.



users find that:
72% improvement of dark circles
63% reduced puffiness
77% eye contour area looks fresher
68% eye contour area is smoother
77% eye contour area is decongested

**Study carried out on 22 women aged 18 to 50 by self-assessment questionnaire collected after 28 days. 2 daily applications, morning and evening on eye contour area.