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Lightening Treatment


White Bio-Active Treatment to brighten dull and pigmented skin

This treatment restores the complexion to its original radiance.

It starts with a skin cleansing (using PHYT'S Cleansing Milk and Tonic) and follows with an exfoliation with White Bio-Active gommage to remove dead skin cells. The next step is to focus on brown spots with White Bio-Active Concentrate gently massaged in. A relaxing massage follows with White Bio-Active Anti-age Serum. The treatment continues with the application of a peel-off mask mixed with White Bio-Active Lotion and, after a relaxing pause, White Bio-Active Lightening Cream is applied to the skin concluding the treatment.


Acerola, PWE (lightening) complex

Best for : Dull skin, pigmentation, mature skin
Aim : Illuminates, unifies the complexion
Duration : 1h15
Recommended frequency : A 6 week-treatment (once a week)


A radiant complexion