Sublimateur & accessories

Accessories to highlight, apply, set, and blend your eye-shadows.



Colour Enhancer for Eyeshadows

Presentation : Vial 5 ml


PHYT'S Sublimateur is a revolutionary step for mineral eye makeup. It is a unique gel with a wand applicator that intensifies and enhances the colour of PHYT'S loose eyeshadows. It also helps the colour of the eyeshadow to stay on for longer.

Water, Aloe vera leaf extracts, Alcohol (natural), Glycerin (vegetal), Gum Acacia, perfume (natural), xanthan gum, citric acid

. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Certified organic

Versatile and simple to use: apply like an eyeliner on the skin then lightly brush the eyeshadow over.

Eye Shadow Brush
Rounded Tip Eyeshadow Brush

Presentation :


Design specifically for use with Phyt's Organic Eyeshadows. Rounded bristle tip, short wooden handle (9cm). Can be used for loose powder eyeshadows or compact eyeshadows

Wooden handle with wood from sustainable forests.

Use it to pick up loose or pressed eyeshadows and to apply to eyelids. Its round-shaped bristles collect and delicately dust the powder on your eyelids.
Once a week clean with gentle soap formula and leave to dry.

Pencil Sharpener
To sharpen PHYT'S Pencils

Presentation :


Design specifically for use with Phyt's Organic Pencils. With convenient removable lid to keep shavings in. Also includes a removable pin to keep the blade clean.

Use to sharpen PHYT'S pencils