Dehydrated skin is low in water and deserves a natural 24H hydration solution.

Aqua 24H is a certified organic range developed for the needs of all dehydrated skin types. It offers the best possible natural ingredients for dehydrated skin.

Water is an essential element of life. Skin hydration is the key to healthy skin because water is its main constituent (70%). It allows the skin to maintain its suppleness, elasticity and resistance. Water also ensures the good metabolic functioning of cells.
Aqua 24H hydrating skincare aims to restore the water content in the skin for increased softness and plumpness.

The key ingredients of the range are hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. These natural ingredients (Phyt’s hyaluronic acid is extracted from plants) have the ability to significantly increase the water content in the dermis. Once the skin is rehydrated, the depth and prominence of wrinkles decrease, and the skin looks smoother.

Aqua Phyt’s 24H hydration offers the best possible certified organic cosmetics for your skincare routine: micellar water (with natural hyaluronic acid extracted from plants) for cleansing, a choice of 3 certified organic moisturisers, a natural serum booster for hydration and an instant water-replenisher mask.

An intense hydrating facial treatment is also available from Phyt’s stockists.