100% Made in France cosmetics

It is amidst the vineyards of the Lot region, surrounded by lush greenery and ancient buildings, that every PHYT'S product is born.

An efficient industrial hub

The production sites are located in the Lot region (close to Cahors) and every single cosmetic product is made there.

There are two sites which extend across 8,000sq and they include:

  • Two production units equipped with brand new high-performance equipment,
       - The Crayssac site for the manufacturing of our powders and soaps
       - The Caillac site for the manufacturing of our creams and lotions
  • A printing unit for products and outside packaging
  • A packaging unit for picking and packing
  • A storage unit of over 4,500sq


Fourteen manufacturing and packaging lines allow the production of a variety of different product textures: lotions, creams, powders, gels, soaps, and many more, as well as different types of packaging: bottles, spray cans, tubes, sticks, pots, ampoules, sachets, boxes, etc.



All the steps of the manufacturing of a product meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that regulate organisation, hygiene and monitoring to guarantee the quality of our products. The QHSE (Quality, Safety, Hygiene, and Environment) department ensures rigorous follow-ups to monitor implementation of regulations that are in force and to carry out monitoring on all levels of the production chain. In order to do so, there is also a lab which controls physical, chemical and microbiological environments.