40 years of natural and organic beauty

The story begins in 1972 when biologist and naturopath Jean Paul Llopart enters in a partnership with beautician Rosanne Verlé to create a natural cosmetics brand designed for beauticians only.

They laid the foundations for Naturo-Esthétique® a concept in which beauty is inseparable from health and the environment. Over the years, they developed innovative and effective products and treatments with no synthetic preservatives and using only natural ingredients. This determination for natural formulas is still there today and Phyt's keep developing performing products that are:

  • effective
  • respectful of both people and the environment
  • customised for beauty professionals
  • safe

To maintain the quality and efficiency of the professional treatments and skin care recommendations to customers, skin therapists working with Phyt's have to follow thorough trainings to reinforce their expertise.

Phyt's cares for the whole family with products for the face, body, hair, makeup and even babies.

To choose Phyt's is to choose a unique brand that aims to:

  • work with ingredients that are fully recognised by the body because of their natural origin
  • develop products that are efficient and pleasant to use in terms of textures and fragrances
  • create products that do not harm animals, do not contain synthetic ingredients or preservatives
  • encourage changes and practices that allow our societies to return to a state of harmony with the environment