Four commitments that represent our values

1- Natural authenticity and organic approach

  • Use in priority certified organic ingredients when they are available
  • Natural authenticity of the cosmetics
  • Only use ingredients of natural origin
  • Commitment to developing organic farming free from pesticides and synthetic ingredients


2- Community responsibility

  • All steps of the manufacturing in France happen in a controlled environment
  • Commitment to local employment, to the protection of quality of life and to organic farming
  • Use as many fair-trade plant raw materials as possible: Shea butter from Burkina Faso, Sesame oil from Mali.


3- Environmental responsibility

  • Natural, PEG-free, silicone-free and bisphenol A-free cosmetics; free of colorants and preservatives
  • Environmental protection: no use of chlorine in the cleaning of the machines; no uncontrolled waste, waste management and selective sorting
  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • Protection of the natural world: printing materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests (PEFC certification), development in organic agro-forestry and involvement in the protection of the environment
  • Maintaining biodiversity: refusal to use any plant matter where sustainability is not guaranteed; beeswax produced without arming honey bees.


4- Social responsibility

  • Putting customers first by personalising treatments and advice
  • Commitment to encourage diversity, integration and equal opportunities: partnership with establishments for disabled workers
  • Development of a global corporate social responsibility via sustainable development
  • Always keeping in mind the natural authenticity, safety and effectiveness of PHYT'S products