Effective formulas

Products development aim at achieving deep results for the skin and products' results are tested and proven.

Those tests demonstrate that ingredients of natural origin are just as effective as chemical or synthetic agents: for example the plant derived hyaluronic acid in the AquaPhyt's range guarantees long-lasting moisturising; the PWE® complex in the White Bio-Active range effectively acts on melanogenesis to unify and lightens skin tone; Sérum Anti-Rides packed with natural active ingredients significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.



AQUAPHYT'S, hydratation percentage

(1) Evaluation of the moisturizing effect of Eau Micellaire Hydratante by corneometrie, after a single and standarised application on 10 volunteers.





AROMALLIANCE ANTI-ÂGE - Sérum anti-rides 

(3) Macroscopic measurement of the cutaneous micro-relief with imprints taken prior to use and 28 days after daily use on 20 women.