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Targeted Body Treatments

Phyt’s offer an extremely comprehensive range of treatments for Salons and Spa servicing the growing demand for natural, organic, safe, effective organic cosmetics.

The treatments featured on this website are available exclusively from trained Aestheticians in selected beauty salon, day spa and wellness retreats.  These treatments are time-tested, results-driven and formulated without synthetic chemicals, colours, fragrance, parabens and genetically modified ingredients. Finished products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

Satin Body Scrub Treatment

Perfect treatment for skin renewal with the combination of soothing vegetable oils and Guérande Sea Salt to exfoliates the skin and remove dead skin cells. A gentle exfoliant which melts in contact with water. Your Naturo-Beautician will spread a dollop of Baume Exfoliant Corps Satin over your whole body with light circular movements. After the balm has been completely massaged in, the salt grains are gently removed with a body wipe. The natural oils of the balm will leave your skin soft and silky.


Sea Salt, Shea Butter Oil

Best for: removal of skin of dead cells; smoothing and nourishing
Duration: 30min to 1h
Recommended frequency: A 6 week-treatment (one per week)


A relaxed body
A soft and supple skin

Light Leg Treatment, cold wrap for legs

Heavy legs feeling can be caused by prolonged standing position, trampling, or even heat. Phyts Light Leg Treatment can help prevent and ease this sensation of discomfort. The treatment starts with a cold wrap with Phyto-Fluide Glacial, a cooling lotion to ease the sensation of discomfort, and is then followed by a massage with Huile Corps Circulation. The perfect combination to relax and to get "lighter legs".


Red Vine, Mint, Camphor

Best for: Stimulates, tones and revitalizes legs
Duration: 45min
Recommended frequency: 6-week treatment (one per week)


Tired legs are relieved and feel much lighter

Hands & Feet Intensive Treatment

This organic treatment combines therapy and beauty to nourish and heal the skin on your hands or feet. Plant ingredients promotes nail growth, flexibility and help retain moisture in the nail. The treatment includes a massage to help improve blood circulation while relaxing you at the same time.


Argan, Myrtle, Jojoba, plant-derived Hyaluronic acid

Objectives: relaxing, nourishing, protecting
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended frequency: a 4-week treatment (once a week) then once a month


A softer, smoother skin
A nourished and protected skin