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Peeling Treatment

Phyt’s offer an extremely comprehensive range of treatments for Salons and Spa servicing the growing demand for natural, organic, safe, effective organic cosmetics.

The treatments featured on this website are available exclusively from trained Aestheticians in selected beauty salon, day spa and wellness retreats.  These treatments are time-tested, results-driven and formulated without synthetic chemicals, colours, fragrance, parabens and genetically modified ingredients. Finished products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

Instant Radiance; detoxifying treatment for Men's skin

First chemical peel to be certified organic, Skin Renov Peel is a gentle and non-invasive treatment which works on the skin's superficial layer and shows quick visible results. The skin appearance is improved through a progressive programme of home-use products and professional treatment with no downtime, recovery time or rest.

*This peeling treatment is not recommended for sensitive skin and/or skin with serious conditions (acne, rosacea, eczema)


30% Glycolic Acid

Best for: dull skin, tired skin, wrinkled skin or skin irregularities (such as acne scars) 
Aim: Improvement in skin texture and condition
Professional treatment duration: 45 mins
Frequency: 4-treatment sessions with 1 session every 10 days.

To be repeated every 3 to 6 months.
Ask your Beautician for advice.


Fewer fine lines, wrinkles: 90%*
Smoother skin texture: 95%*
Reduced imperfections: 80%*
Efficacious treatment which delivers resurfacing results and rejuvenates the skin.

* Results obtained after the recommended comprehensive programme of 4 applications of superficial peels and home-products (clinical study on 20 women aged from 40 to 60yrs old).