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As Ro-Accutane works by cutting down the amount of sebum (oil) made by the skin’s glands; it also reduces bacteria and inflammation and opens clogged pores. The drug has a lot of potential side effects including dry eyes, dry lips, skin sensitivity and increased tendency to sunburn.

Skin treated with Ro-Accutane can become very sensitive so it is best to avoid any treatment involving strong exfoliation such as Phyt’s Skin Renov Peel or product such as Natur’Peel.

Other than that other Phyt’s treatments should be ok but we recommend particularly Aqua Phyt’s if the skin is dehydrated or Phyt’ssima if the skin is very dry.

yes, some of the products do contain beeswax.

All products are Not tested on animals or contain any other animal bi products.

PHYT’S refuses to use plant material that do not have a sustainability guarantee. The Palm oil used in Phyt’s cosmetics and make-up comes from sustainable forests in Colombia (South America)

Respectful of the environment, PHYT’S make-up pencils are crafted from Cedar wood sourced from sustainable forests.

Phyt’s uses natural mineral pigments authorised by Cosmebio charter.

Phyt’s cosmetics come with a seal. Products that are sealed have a 3 year shelf life but once opened they must be used within 6 months. It is also recommended to keep them in a cool place (organic products do not like heat)

The Cosmébio label – guaranteeing quality.
The COSMEBIO association is a result of serious reflection that began in 2000 among 10 manufacturers of natural cosmetics. In 2002, in partnership with COSMEOBIO, the certifying body ECOCERT presented the Ecological and Biological Cosmetics specifications before the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • State-recognized official system of reference,
  • Certification by independent state-authorized bodies (Ecocert or Qualité France),
  • The term ‘natural’ applied in line with consumer understanding of the word,
  • • Label that proves biological, as well as ecological and cosmetic, quality,
  • Cosmetic label since 2002,
  • Rigorous criteria on transformation, manufacturing and packaging procedures (green label),
  • Obligatory consumer information displayed on the product: – ECOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL COSMETICS certified by:… –
  • The label’s quality and ethics are internationally-recognized.